[llvm-commits] Add le32 arch support into Triple

Ivan Krasin krasin at chromium.org
Tue Aug 23 02:15:55 CDT 2011

Hi llvm team!

This patch adds support of le32 pseudo-cpu that stands for generic
32-bit little-endian CPU.
PNaCl would use le32-unknown-nacl triple for generating
platform-independent pexe (llvm bitcode based),
x86_64-unknown-nacl, i686-unknown-nacl and armv7-unknown-nacl for the
target-specific NaCl binaries (which would be translated from pexe).

The next patch will add a clang target that would be able to generate
PNaCl-compatible object files (and, it's expected that after that I
will upstream the changes which would allow to get the full pexe
programs from clang)

Please, let me know if it's fine to commit this patch.

Thanks in advance,
Ivan Krasin
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