[LLVMdev] [PATCH][RFC] NVPTX Backend

Justin Holewinski jholewinski at nvidia.com
Tue Apr 24 13:50:37 CDT 2012

Hi LLVMers,

We at NVIDIA would like to contribute back to the LLVM open-source community by up-streaming the NVPTX back-end for LLVM.  This back-end is based on the sources used by NVIDIA, and currently provides significantly more functionality than the current PTX back-end.  Some functionality is currently disabled due to dependencies on LLVM core changes that we are also in the process of up-streaming, but the back-end is very usable in its current state and would benefit all current and future users of the LLVM PTX back-end.

The goal is to phase out the existing PTX back-end, while maintaining compatibility with it.  To that end, the NVPTX back-end maintains its own set of intrinsics but also supports the old PTX back-end intrinsics to ensure compatibility with out-of-tree users.

We would like to get your feedback on the attached patch to make sure it is up to LLVM commit quality.  We would like to commit this as soon as the community is satisfied with it.

Also, as the current maintainer of the PTX back-end, I give my consent to deprecate it. :)


Justin Holewinski

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