[LLVMdev] [RFC/PATCH][0/4] New SystemZ backend

Ulrich Weigand Ulrich.Weigand at de.ibm.com
Sun Apr 14 12:59:22 CDT 2013


I'd like to propose the addition of a new SystemZ backend to the LLVM and
Clang code base.  We're interested in this for the same reason we've been
interested in the PowerPC back-end recently: to enable packages in upcoming
enterprise Linux distributions that need LLVM support (e.g. 3D desktop
support via llvmpipe).

Now, I understand that a SystemZ backend used to be part of LLVM for a
while, but has been removed (due to lack of maintenance, it would appear).
While the backend provided by this set of patches is originally based on
that old SystemZ backend, it has been significantly rewritten and many of
the missing "modern" features added.

At this stage, we've chosen to limit the feature set to the following:
- 64-bit z/Architecture only   (same as the old backend)
- support for z10 (and newer) processor only   (old backend supported z9)
- Linux operating system support only (same as the old backend)
- focus on feature completeness and correctness, not performance  (no
platform-specific optimizations have been implemented yet)

Given this set of limitations, the current status is
- Working C/C++ compiler
  * Passes internal testsuite and projects/test-suite with no failures
  * Passes a full bootstrap with identical stage2/stage3 results
  * Builds and runs SPECcpu2006 benchmarks successfully
  * Passes the ABI compatibility test suite against GCC 4.8
- Working integrated assembler
  * Passes both testsuites with integrated assembler forced on
- Working assembler parser
  * Passes both testsuites when using clang assembler instead of system
- Working MCJIT  (no support for old JIT)
  * Passes JIT testsuite

The actual patches are appended to subsequent mails, cross-posted to
llvm-commits and cfe-commits as appropriate:
- LLVM code changes
- LLVM testsuite changes
- Clang changes
- Changes to support SystemZ as host

Note that the patches were primarily developed by Richard Sandiford (on
CC).  He had planned to post them for submission himself, but he's on
vacation for several weeks right now, and given the short timeline until
the 3.3 release branches, we decided that I should post the patches now to
get the discussion started ...

I'd appreciate any comments and/or review!


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