[LLVMdev] LLVM/Clang on Sparc64

Venkatraman Govindaraju venkatra at cs.wisc.edu
Sun Feb 2 10:05:47 CST 2014

Thanks to Jakob's work on Sparcv9 ABI in Clang and recent changes to
Sparc code generator, I am happy to announce that Clang can self host
itself on Linux/Sparc64 and on FreeBSD/Sparc64.

However, it still fails on a few unit tests and nightly tests,
primarily due to misaligned memory accesses in the code (See bugs
18482, 18500, 18502, 18536, 18693). Unlike other architectures,
misaligned loads/stores cause bus errors in Sparc.

To catch bugs specific to Sparc such as the misalignment bugs, it
would be great to get some buildbots running on Sparc machines. I see
that there are buildbot slaves already running on Sparc machines in
GCC compile farm (for example, gcc63, gcc64, listed at
http://lab.llvm.org:8011/buildslaves). Is it possible to start running
builders on them? If so, what are the procedures to do that?

 Note that clang still does not work when it is build as a 32-bit
binary, mainly due to the alignment issues in Clang. Also, Clang does
not work out of box on Solaris/Sparc yet, due to the lack of support
for its toolchain.


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