[LLVMdev] C++11 is here!!! (and it looks like it'll stay!)

Chandler Carruth chandlerc at google.com
Fri Feb 28 20:48:03 CST 2014

I flipped the build systems to use C++11 today by default. Nothing seems to
have broken, folks seem happy, and the bots are making good progress.

I plan to slowly remove support for building in C++98 mode over the weekend
and watch the bots to see if there are any that were forcing things in the
other direction. If all goes well, its open season. I've got a bunch of the
basic cleanup (deleting the no longer needed #if's) ready to go, but I'm
being a bit conservative about submitting them.

I've also mailed out some additions to the coding standards to try and
cover a few bikesheds that would likely diverge easily in C++11, and to
cover a few corners of the new language where several people expressed
strong opinions that we should have guidelines about when and where to use
them. You can join the review on llvm-commits, or here:

Let me know if anything breaks!
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